We provide safe and reliable transportation of natural gas through Slovenia

Plinovodi d.o.o. is a company managing the natural gas transmission network. The main operational goal and activity of the company Plinovodi d.o.o. is provision of long-term, reliable, high quality, price competitive and environmentally acceptable transmission of natural gas. All our energies are focused on the development, construction and operation of efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable natural gas transmission system, which ensures a smooth transmission and we remain reliable strategic energy partner in the transmission of natural gas.

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Available capacities
Relevant point Firm capacity Interruptible capacity
Ceršak (border entry) 94,240 139,364
Ceršak (border exit) 0 139,364
Rogatec (border exit) 7,968 13,200
Rogatec (border entry) 2,848 68,307
Šempeter (border entry) 26,704 28,396
Šempeter (border exit) 20,752 20,752

Capacities are expressed in MWh/day.

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Network charge calculator

With this applications you can calculate network charge for a given point on transmission network.

Virtual point

The transmission system operator, Plinovodi d.o.o., has established a virtual point for the exchange of natural gas quantities in the Slovenian transmission system. Virtual pointing services are supported by the VTP Web site (Virtual Point for Gas). Virtual point services can be used only by members of a virtual point based on a Virtual Point membership contract.