History of the company

The introduction of the gas pipeline network in Slovenia began in the early 1970s. Following newly discovered gas wells in the Russia and Algeria and the growing need for energy following the economic development of Europe, gas manifested itself as an economic and practical energy source. Newly constructed pipelines in Austria and Italy have made possible the supply of gas to Slovenia, since Slovenia has no own gas reserves.

Since 1974 ...

The company Petrol Zemeljski plin was established in 1974, with the intention of implementation of the »programme of introduction of gas in Slovenia«. Following 3 years of intensive preparations, the construction of the backbone of the trunk gas pipeline network began, which was divided in 3 phases:

  1. Ceršak–Rogatec–Vodice–Ljubljana,
  2. Vodice–Jesenice,
  3. Ljubljana–Nova Gorica–Anhovo

In 1978, transport of Russian gas began through the newly constructed gas pipeline towards Croatia; the first cubic metres of gas were used in Slovenia by Tovarna lesovine in lepenke Ceršak and Sladkogorska from Sladki vrh.

Up until the year 1980, 630 km of mostly trunk gas pipelines were constructed; a dispatch centre in Ljubljana was set up as also maintenance centres both in Ljubljana and Maribor.

The gas network was later extended, by the end of 1980s the trunk gas pipeline was laid to Novo mesto and a regional line to Radeče. Today, the total length of the gas pipeline network in Slovenia, which is continually growing, is more than 1000 km.

The construction of the gas pipeline network took into account all environmental requirements of minimal interventions and environmental impact from the start. The initial state of the land is reinstated along entire route of the construction following completed construction works, so that the characteristic post signs and measurement-regulation stations are the only evidence that beneath the untouched surface lie kilometres of gas pipes.

In 1992, gas began flowing from another source – from Algeria, which considerably increased the reliability of supply, at the same time the expansion of the use of gas for general consumption was enabled. From 2001, gas is received also from a third source, from Austria. From 2003 on, users are able to freely choose their gas supplier.

Since 1995 ...

Social, political and economic changes in the past have influenced a number of status reformations of the company. From 1995, the company operated under the name Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana.

In accordance with the provisions of the Energy Act, Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana established a subsidiary company Geoplin plinovodi d.o.o. in 2004 and transferred into its ownership the entire energy infrastructure. The company Geoplin plinovodi d.o.o. began with activities of a System Operator of the gas pipeline transmission network on 1. 1. 2005.

On 1. 11. 2011, the company name has been changed to Plinovodi d.o.o, in order to comply with European Directive and to prepare for the certification process for an independent transmission system operator.


Since 2012 ...

On 11. 7. 2012 the national regulatory authority issued the decision on the certification that Plinovodi d.o.o. as a transmission system operator complies with the requirements for the independent transmission system operator.

On 25. 10. 2012 the Government of Republic of Slovenia designated the company Plinovodi d.o.o. as a transmission system operator.

Company has in the year 2014 completed the construction of the parallel pipeline from Ceršak to Vodice and upgraded the Kidričevo compressor station. In this way, the Company successfully concluded the ten-year investment cycle which has provided an additional link between the central part of Slovenia and the Austrian border, uninterrupted gas transmission regardless of the pressure conditions in neighbouring transmission systems and bi-directional gas flow at interconnection with Italy.

On April 21, 2017, the Management of Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana adopted the Division Plan of Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana for the division with the establishment of a new company. On the basis of the division plan, the General Assembly of Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana adopted a decision on the change of legal form of Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana on May 25, 2017. In accordance with this, the company Plinhold, upravljanje plinske infrastrukture, d.o.o. was established on June 28, 2017. The assets were transferred to the newly established company Plinhold d.o.o., representing a capital investment in the company Plinovodi d.o.o. (in the whole proportion).

As of June 28, 2017, the sole shareholder of Plinovodi d.o.o. is the company Plinhold d.o.o.

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