Virtual point

Transmission System Operator in the Republic of Slovenia, company Plinovodi d.o.o., in accordance with the adopted System operating instructions for the natural gas transmission network (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 55/2015) and the Energy Act,  1stOctober 2015 established a Virtual Trading Point for natural gas on the transmission system.

The Transmission System Operator provides the following services in the Virtual Trading Point:

  • Performing transactions with natural gas,
  • Bulletin board for trading with natural gas.

Services in the Virtual Trading Point are provided to members only on the basis of concluded Virtual Point Membership Contract. Services are payable, Transmission System Operator will charge an annual cost of registering and a cost for every transaction with natural gas. Pricelist of services in the Virtual Trading Point is published on the Transmission System Operator’s website.

Via Virtual Trading Point the Transmission System Operator shall carry out operations regarding balancing of the transmission system. The Transmission System Operator also established an electronic trading platform as a special feature of the Virtual Trading Point that enables the Transmission System Operator and the Balancing Group Leaders to provide services regarding balancing of deviations.

Transmission System Operator, company Plinovodi d.o.o., has on the basis of the consent of the Energy Agency No. 211-61/2015-11/429, dated 25th November 2015, and resolution No. 211-61/215-13/429, dated 2nd December 2015, published a pricelist of services.



Virtual point membership contract
User manual for online trading application ”VTP”
Statement on access to online trading application “VTP”
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