Environment and safety

Plinovodi d.o.o. has been supplying Slovenian customers with gas for several decades. It provides the Slovenian industry and customers in general with safe and reliable gas transmission. Handling of gas leaves no room for errors, and requires expert and responsible work of all employees. Taking these facts into account, gas is a fuel of fossil or renewable origin.

The Company aims at enabling a wider scope of possible uses of gas, whereby it strives to expand the transmission system enabling new customers to connect to it while ensuring security of supply and future decarbonisation goals. The transmission system is being upgraded in line with the development of the gas market at regional and pan-European level. The above mentioned activities significantly contribute to minimizing the impact on the natural environment (certificate SIQ, certificate IQnet, annex E-099/09).



Environmental policy of Plinovodi d.o.o.

The Company is active in establishing the infrastructure to transport and utilize green hydrogen, synthetic and renewable gases as well as strengthening sector coupling to support renewable goals. In addition to favourable and environmentally friendly characteristics of gas, it should also be noted that gas might impact the environment due to:

  • land use, construction and maintenance of the transmission system and of related facilities;
  • production of minimal occasional emissions of gas in urgent interventions in the transmission system, and emissions of flue gases from operation of boiler rooms;
  • noise during the operation of the transmission system; and
  • causes occurring due to cases of emergency.

The Company carefully monitors the situation and strives for permanent reduction of the found impact on the environment in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility. Considering the above, preventive measures are of the highest importance since they are also most efficient in the long term.

Careful monitoring of phenomena and conditions in the transmission system, along with quality measurements, delivers results which are significant also for the wider community, since the probability of unwanted events occurring has been decreased to a minimum. The Company’s expert teams are at all times prepared to take efficient measures in case of possible faults or damages of the transmission system.

We are committed to, timely and at all times, recognising and fulfilling legislative and other requirements and guidelines in all areas which are in any way related to our environmental management.

The Company encourages the professional development of its employees and external contractors and of their education which includes the environmental dimension of the activity. We provide our current and future customers with the knowledge from the field of efficient and safe use of gas.

The Company follows and examines the interest of the public and users of gas. Opinions, suggestions and questions are a welcome indicator of our services; we thus respond to these responsibly by providing information and counselling.

All of the above contributes to a better understanding of our common care for minimising the negative impact on the environment, implementing better environmental conditions and preserving the environment for future generations.


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