EPUS platform

Transmission System Operator in the Republic of Slovenia, company Plinovodi d.o.o. established EPUS platform to provide system users (eg. Balancing Group Leader (BGL), members of virtual point (VTP) and final consumers) single electronic access point to important information for users. EPUS platform is accessible online via TSO web page:  

Access to the EPUS platform is possible to any number of persons of each company, and the rights to add and edit content to each user is possible by the authorized administrator of each company. Access to EPUS platform is possible via two-factor authentication.

EPUS platform consists of several modules (distributed into different categories) that users can access depending on their role and need. Information on the platform is available simultaneously and in the same format for all system users this way users are treated equally and in a non-discriminatory way.

The EPUS platform contains the following modules.

Input of data in the modules on EPUS platform can be done manually or via import of MS Excel files. Export of displayed data to MS Excel format or PDF format for further processing is also enabled.


Key information:



Statement on access to the EPUS platform
Emergency calls 24h:
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